Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Hot in Herre

This weekend I did something I said I'd never ever do again.  I went to Riverfest in Little Rock.  After Hank Williams circa 2005 or so, I said I'd never again darken downtown Little Rock at 9PM on Memorial Day weekend just to see a concert.  The cigarettes, drunk people with their kids, and walking just aren't worth any artist who decides to come.

And then, Nelly came.

Oh yes.  My favorite artist in 8th grade (and every grade since then) signed up to come throw down in the Rock town.  I was in a dilemma.  And I broke my pact.  I had to go back.  I had to see Mr. Derrty Entertainment himself.  I wanted to ride wit him.  I had to batter up and practice my country grammar.  I wanted to see his grill, what, his grill in person.  And no, I didn't wear Air Force Ones, but I wanted to.  Because I am #1.  And I think that's the last of the song title references.

Nelly put on a super show.  I've said it to a few of you, but honestly, I didn't expect much.  Rap concerts are touch and go.  I saw Snoop Dogg (from just a few rows back) this year and he was awesome.  I really didn't think I'd get two good rap concerts in a year.  But Nelly can entertain!!  And knowing every single song he sang helped a lot too.  I think I screamed over him half the time.

And how cool am I?  I went with my siblings and my mom.  Seemed like the best way to spend Riverfest, having beer slung on you and seeing people with their newborns at a Nelly concert - with my own mom screaming "Girl, I think my butt gettin' big!"