My Family

Here's just a little bit about the amazing people I love the most - my wonderful family.

Above is my whole family during our annual beach trip to Destin.  I heart every one of these people more than words can express.  I have the most supportive parents a girl could ask for, and some crazy siblings to remind me how sane I actually am (and to make sure I stay fun too).

Where would I be without my husband Ryan?  It was love at first sight (for him! :) ) when we saw each other in high school in 2001, but it took us a few years to get together forever.  We got married on New Years Eve in 2004, midway through his first tour of duty in Iraq.  In 2007, Ryan spent another year overseas, and I learned the meaning of "trial by fire" as a single mom to our then three year old.  With God's grace and a little luck, he made it home safely again and is a civilian once more!  Ryan is the most supportive and loving husband I could ask for, he constantly makes me laugh, and there's not a better father in the world (besides my own daddy of course).  What did I do to deserve such a kind-hearted, game-for-anything guy who loves me unconditionally?  I am so blessed to be sharing forever with him.

Our beautiful Allison was born in December of 2004, and she immediately changed my world for the better.  She's spunky, stubborn, free-spirited, and compassionate with the most beautiful little soul I've ever seen.  She loves to get dirty, but she can also rock bows and skirts.  Her zest for life is unequaled.  God blessed us with her unexpectedly, and I wouldn't trade a second of it.  I have no idea if she's this fabulous despite me or because of me, but I'm enjoying every second of being her mama.

Our precious Riley was born in June of 2013, and once again life got even sweeter.  This little lady has fire like her sister and she isn't afraid to show it.  She's also one of the sweetest and smartest babies I've ever known.  It's been so wonderful for each member of the family to either renew their roles, like her daddy and I, or to step into new roles, like her big sister.  We can't wait to see the beautiful person she will become.

We also have a zoo of animals around here - click on the pictures below to learn more about our furbabies.


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