About Me

Born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, raised in Little Rock, and now back in Fayetteville to raise my own family, I'm a University of Arkansas Industrial Engineering graduate in my late twenties juggling a full time job at a large company with being a full time wife and mama.  I'm a horsewoman, a maid, a best friend, a bossy big sister, a planner,  a chef, a home decorator, a lover of all things antique, a clean freak, a wine lover, an animal collector, a beach bum, and a smart mouth.

I am never still - always on to a new project, a new inspiration, or a new thing to cross off my to-do list.  I tend to take on more than I can handle and stress out about being under too much pressure,  but then somehow always make it through.

Most of all, I love my little family.  I'm happiest when I'm doing something with them or for them, and I wouldn't trade this time in my life for anything...most of the time.  Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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