Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Alli's Third Grade Wrap-Up

Alli finished third grade on Friday and will embark on her last year of elementary school next in August.

Here we were on the first day of school:

And now here we are on the last day of third grade:

From the Botanical Gardens field trip and hiking Devils Den...

To the Fall Festival...

To being on Green Team, Honor Choir, and having awesome class parties....

From making new best friends...

To getting the teacher she wanted and loving her every second.

We had trials like math struggles and being challenged with a model of Neptune, and we had victories like being second in the school-wide spelling bee and making the Principal's Honor Roll.

We also endured TEN SNOW DAYS.

She performed alone in the talent show in front of parents and peers, and danced her heart out at every single school dance.  I am so so proud to be the mama of such a strong, happy girl who is confident in herself and knows what she likes, and loves her family above all.

Happy summer, Alli!!  You've earned it!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Riley's First Birthday!

Last week, our little Riley girl turned O-N-E!  We decided to have a party at the house with family and friends - I didn't even send out invitations!  I just texted everyone to let them know what time.  I teased with one of my friends that the theme of the party was "Shut Up Pinterest."  I didn't put together a big themed party with invites and decorations and so much expectation I couldn't live up to.  I hung a banner, bought some balloons, ordered a cake, and made some dips.  And I really couldn't be happier about how it all went.  I was relaxed, I enjoyed, and I think everyone else did too.  I'll delve into my feelings on mommy guilt and overdone birthdays in another post...on to the pictures!

Riley was a little unsure about the smash cake at first - she delicately put her finger into the icing after some prompting from her Nini.

Then she got the hang of it and realized how good Ricks cake is...

Then it was time for presents.  Our little lady racked up books, toys, pool stuff, her first baby doll, the Little People Klip Klop Princess Stable - oh and some shades.

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family who want to be a part of Riley's life.  Much love to you all, and happy first birthday to our sweet girl!