Saturday, November 22, 2014

Misty River Hounds - Opening Hunt

A week after I did my first foxhunt with Harvard Hounds it was time for opening hunt at Misty River Hounds, the hunt that my barn is very involved with.  We had a much larger group attending and my mom and brother decided to tag along and ride the tallyho wagon so that they could watch.

Hunt Master Dina on Moses with the hounds

After my intense experience at Harvard, I decided to ride third field at Misty River.  If Harvard was supposed to be "tame" then what did Misty River have in store?  Jabbar was wound up again, but a little stronger bit, a straighter saddle, and several more stirrup cups helped things a lot.

Unfortunately, the hounds pretty quickly took off across the river onto some land we weren't allowed on, so much of the hunt was spent looking for the hounds.  That didn't keep anyone from having a a good time though!

In third field we did a lot of hilltopping, chatting, and trotting.  It probably would have been a much better first hunt experience, but after a taste of the thrill at Harvard, I could see myself wanting to step it up to second field at Misty River.  After the hunt there was a catered meal with a live band and a silent auction where I won myself a yellow vest!

Deer Creek Farm representing at Misty River Hounds
All in all, it was another awesome hunt with this boy that I got to share with my mom and brother.  I was so excited to have them along.  They were troopers on a very cold morning and a very long day.  I think we're all hooked, though.  Tallyho!


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